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Rotary Charter Presentation (1939)

Rotary Club of Guam Charter Presentation - 1939

There is a new Rotary Club in the mid-Pacific. It is the Rotary Club of Guam and it was admitted as a member of Rotary International on August 30, 1939. …

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1939-40 (C.C. BUTLER, President) - 1939

Some insight into what Guam was like when the first Rotary Club was formed may be obtained from the following address made by President C. C. Butler at the meeting …

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K.R. MILLER - 1940-41, President

1940-1941 (K.R. MILLER, President) - 1940

K.R. MILLER – 1940-41, President GUAM ROTARIANS AND FRIENDS 1940

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1941-1942 - B. J. BORDALLO, President

1941-1942 (B.J. BORDALLO, President) - 1941

Ben Hardin, Simon Sanchez, Pedro Martinez and B.J. Bordallo

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March 1945 issue of "The Rotarian"

Post War Re-Opening of the Rotary Club of Guam - 1944

On 20 December 1944, a meeting was held, attended by Messrs. B.J. Bordallo, V.P. Herrero, E. T. Calvo, R. M Sablan, MD., Pedro Martinez, Jose G. Eustaquio, J. M. Torres, …

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Admiral Pownell with A.T. Bordallo

1945-46 (A.T. Bordallo, President) - 1945

While some confusion seems to exist from previous documents covering the Past President of the Club, and while the local records from 1945-46 show the A. T. Bordallo was President, …

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1946-1947 JIM BUTLER, President

1946-1947 (JIM BUTLER, President) - 1946

Col. Wilson, Charles Elliott, J. Torres, Joseph Ada

1947-48 (CHARLIE J. ELLIOT. President) - 1947

From the following letter received with other records from Rotary International through Rtn. Tadashi Nukuto, Service to Clubs, Eastern Hemisphere Department, we gain an insight into the composition and activities …

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L to R: Simon Sanchez, James Butler, unidentified, and B.P. Carbullido

1948-1949 (S.A. SANCHEZ, President) - 1948

In 1949, according to Rotarian Ray Underwood, a $600 scholarship was established for use by a Guamanian at the college of his choice Recipients of this fund have included Frank …

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File Photo

1949-50 (CARLOS P. TAITANO, President) - 1949

PP Carlos P. Taitano provided us with a picture of the club members with the club banner taken in front of Jo Jo Restaurant in Asan during the time he …

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1950-1951 E.T. CALVO, President

1950-1951 (E.T. CALVO, President) - 1950

There are no records known to exist covering this administration.

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Installation of Ray Underwood as President of Rotary Club of Guam at Surf Club in Asan, 1956. Presenting the gavel is Judge of the Island Court, Rotarian Vicente C. Reyes.

1951-1953 (RAY UNDERWOOD, President) - 1951

PP Ray Underwood has the distinction of being the only member of the Rotary Club of Guam to be elected to serve four years as President. PP Ray’s terms covered …

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Kenneth T. Jones, Jr

1953-54 (KENNETH T. JONES, JR., President) - 1953

A newspaper article notes that during PP Ken’s administration, 41, students from the public and parochial elementary and high schools were guests of honor at a Rotary Club luncheon held …

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Adm. Christopher, Gov. Ford Eldridge, Rtns. Norm Flockman and B. Umayam at a cocktail party.

1954-55 (NORMAN D. FLOCKMAN, President) - 1954

From the following Christmas message extracted from the December 31, 1954 issue of MI ROTARY, we can gain some knowledge of the accomplishments during PP Norm’s administration. Editor Gene Krapf’s …

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1955-1956 (GEORGE H.SELWYN, President) - 1955

There are no records known to exist covering this administration.

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PP Ray conducting meeting.

1956-1957 (RAY UNDERWOOD, President) - 1956

In April 26, 1956, PP Ray was elected for his 3rd term as President to succeed George Selwyn, the Manager of Pan American Airways. Officer elected to serve with PP …

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1957-1958 (AL MINOT, President) - 1957

There are no records known to exist covering this administration.

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Picnic at Jones Beach L to R: Manuel Lujan, E.T. Bordallo, Mark Ross, Joe Flores, Marina Lujan, Herb Johnston, Marian Taitano and Nancy Underwood

1958- 59 (HERBERT JOHNSTON, President) - 1958

PP Herbert says that during the time he was President, there were approximately 75 members, and that their main project was the raising of $8,000 to sponsor Boy Scouts on …

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1959-1960 (R. KLEPPER, President) - 1959

There are no records known to exist covering this administration.

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Sec. Charlie Christopher and PP Ray Underwood making Joseph Flores an honorary member on the occasion of his being appointed as Governor of Guam in 1960.

1960-1961 (RAY UNDERWOOD, President) - 1960

In this photo: Sec. Charlie Christopher and PP Ray Underwood making Joseph Flores an honorary member on the occasion of his being appointed as Governor of Guam in 1960. Past …

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1961-1962 (W.H. SNYDER, President) - 1961

There are no records known to exist covering this administration.

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1962-63 (DEAN BUSH, President) - 1962

The highlight of PP Dean’s administration was the visit by Typhoon Karen, which destroyed 95%(?)s of the buildings on Guam. The response to this disaster by the Rotary Club of …

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1963-64 (ALEX ELIAS, President) - 1963

The records for the period when PP Alex Elias was at the helm are very meager. During this time the Rotary Club made donations to the United Service Organization in …

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Rotarian Officers

1964-1965 (ROBERT J. BARRY, President) - 1964

ROTARIANS’ ELECTED OFICERS: The Rotary Club of Guam, an active organization, this week introduced its new officers following recent elections. Panel of officers which shall direct and administer Rotary Club …

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1965-1966 (JOE PEREZ, President) - 1965

Seated: Rtn. Judge Reyes, PP Herb Johnston, PP Jose Perez, Rtn. John Driver, Rtn. Jack Cole, unidentified, Standing: Rtn. Doc Crain, Dr Dargevics, Rtn. Vic Olsen, unidentified, Rtn. Joe Flores, …

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There are no records known to exist covering this administration.

A Chi Chi Jima girl, Irene Savory, was announced as the winner of the Rotary Club scholarship yesterday. Above, she is shown, with Lee Burklund, scholarship committee chairman, and Rotary President Phil Lomax.(Photo by Jesus Manalisay)

A delighted, and a delightful little island girl, Irene Savory, 19, won a four year scholarship, given by the Guam Rotary Club, worth $5,000 yesterday.
The girl, a native of ChiChi Jima, will attend the College of Guam, under the new scholarship set-up by the Rotary Club, who now specify that the College of Guam will administer the funds, and the participant must study locally.

The award presentation was made yesterday at the regular noon Rotary luncheon by Club president Phil Lomax. Lee Burklund heads up the scholarship committee for the Guam Rotary Club.

Miss Savory attended the session with her sponsors, Lt. and Mrs. Charles Sutton, who is at the Naval Magazine. The live on the Naval Station. Next year, Miss Savory will stay with Cmd. And Mrs. Bonewitz, commander of the Naval Magazine.

She will graduate from George Washington High School this year, where she has maintained a remarkable 3.92 grade average almost perfect. The nomination for the scholarship is handled by the College of Guam, with George Wilson, head counselor at the College supervising the selection, along with a Rotary committee.

Miss Savory was born in Chi Chi Jima, and attended elementary school there. It is a tiny island in the Bonin Island chain that only has school through the Seventh Grade. It is seven miles long by four miles wide, with only 200 people. It is administered by the Commander of Naval Forces, Marianas, who serves as Governor. The Navy has set up a sponsorship program, so that these students who want to, or are capable of, furthering their education, can do so. Miss Savory is part Caucasian, from way back. Her great grandfather was a whaler from New Bedford, Mass. She also has Japanese blood, and speaks Japanese, as well as English, she has been on Guam for five years.

1966-1967 (PHIL LOMAX, President) - 1966

Most of those Rotarians who have been in the club long enough to remember when Phil was President will recall the “throw down crackers”, but it was during PP Phil’s …

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Members of the JFK interact club attended last week's Rotary meeting at the invitation of their sponsors. Standing left rear are: Rotary President James Alger and JFK principal Calvin Snodgrass(Photo by Thompson)

1967-68 (JIM ALGER, President) - 1967

Rotary extended to Saipan during PP Jim’s administration. PP Robert J. Barry was appointed by Rotary International as the special representative to chair the extension committee to look into the …

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GOVERNOR CARLOS G. CAMACHO presenting members of the Rotary Club of Guam with a Guam Flag for presentation to a Rotary Club in Georgia to fly on the Street of Flags. L to R: PP Jim Underwood, PP Brandenburg, PP Al Minot, PP Jim Bloom, Gov. Camacho, Rtn. Carl Hartzell, Rev. Jordan Peck, PP George Harris, Rtn. Ted Nelson.

1968-1969 (GEORGE T. HARRIS, President) - 1968

PP George’s administration was notable for the strong emphasis placed on the international aspect of Rotary under the Directorship of Rtn. Charles Hale. Contract was maintained with the Rotary Clubs …

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1969-70 (JAMES A. BLOOM, President) - 1969

1969-70, Rotary International President James F. Conway Visits Guam. PP Jim’s administration was unique in that 1969 was the 30th Anniversary of the Rotary Club of Guam and was the …

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1970-71 (J.H. BRANDENBERG, President) - 1970

PP Brandy Brandenberg advises that during the year he served as President of the Rotary Club of Guam he would like to report as follows: ROTARY ACTIVITIES 1970-1971 “At the …

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1971-72 (JAMES UNDERWOOD, President) - 1971

At 25 years of age PP Jim was the youngest President ever elected to serve the Guam Rotary Club. As can be expected, the Rotary year 1971-72 was an extremely …

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Rotary Club of Guam

1972-73 (GERALD PERRY, President) - 1972

he Rotary year 1972-73 was significant in that after 33 years being non-districted, the Rotary Clubs of Guam, Tumon Bay and Saipan became a part of District 358. In his …

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Tape recorder donated to the Department of Public Health and Social Services - PP Jim Underwood, Velma, Sablan, Speech Therapist, PP George Tamura and Linda Balderback.

1973-74 (GEORGE TAMURA, President) - 1973

PP George reports that the highlight of his year as president of Guam Rotary Club was the decision by Rotary International that the clubs in the Marianas should be districted, …

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Rotary Tumon - Pres. Bud Theisen

1974-75 (R. THEISEN, President) - 1974

PP Bud provided the following report of events during his administration. Our first club assembly for the year was held on July 16, 1974. At this assembly we established as …

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1975-76 (Allen Pickens, President) - 1975


1976-77 (PHILIP FLORES, President) - 1976

Rotary Year 1976-77 was a breeze, or at least on the tail end of one as the Club’s officers and directors assumed their responsibilities(???) less than six weeks after our …

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1977-78 (WILLIAM A. McALISTER, President) - 1977

A Tribute to William McAlister PP Mac was voted into this important office after having served as a Director in each of the Four Avenues of Service and as Vice-President …

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1978-1979 (DR. LAWRENCE F. KASPERBAUER, President) - 1978

The primary goal of the Rotary Club of Guam during the 1978-1979 Rotary year was to assist the membership in gaining a deeper feeling for Rotary and applying the principles …

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rotary 4

1979-80 (HARRY BOERTZEL, President) - 1979

As President Harry is organizing the events to celebrate the 40th Anniversary Year of the Rotary Club of Guam, he reports that his objectives for this year as President are …

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1980-81 (Allen Pickens, President) - 1980

1980 Honolulu Marathon

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1981-82 (Joseph Bourland, President) - 1981

No data on record (as of yet) for this entry.

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1982-83 (Todd Smith, President) - 1982

Photos of Todd Smith

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1983-84 (Philip Flores, President) - 1983

No data on record (as of yet) for this entry.

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1984-85 (Dennis Wible, President) - 1984

No data on record (as of yet) for this entry.

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1985-86 (Christopher Felix, President) - 1985

No data on record (as of yet) for this entry.

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Bill Gibson

1986-87 (Bill Gibson, President) - 1986

One of the most memorable things about my term was our first board meeting when it was discovered that the club’s bank balance was under $100 — seems the previous …

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1987-88 (Joseph Stoll Jr., President) - 1987

No data on record (as of yet) for this entry.

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1988-89 (William H. Hagen, President) - 1988

At the closing ceremony of 1986 District Conference held in Tokyo, the then president of the Rotary Club of Guam, E.L. (Bill) Gibson, took the stage and invited all the …

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1989-90 (Roger A. Sardea, President) - 1989

No data on record (as of yet) for this entry.

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brad klemm

1990-91 (J. Bradley Kemm, President) - 1990

Charter Night

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1991-92 (Joseph Duenas, President) - 1991

No data on record (as of yet) for this entry.

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1992-93 (Scott Carrothers, President) - 1992

No data on record (as of yet) for this entry.

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eric nelson

1993-94 (Eric R. Nelson, President) - 1993


1994-95 (Timothy Kernaghan, President) - 1994

No data on record (as of yet) for this entry.

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1995-96 (George M. Butler, President) - 1995

No data on record (as of yet) for this entry.

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1996-97 (Daniel L. Webb, President) - 1996

No data on record (as of yet) for this entry.

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1997-98 (Keith B. Beem, President) - 1997

No data on record (as of yet) for this entry.

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1998-99 (Thomas G. Ahillen, President) - 1998

Photos of Thomas Ahillen

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1999-00 (Gerald M. Woo, President) - 1999

Celebrated 60th Charter Night Relaunched Typhooner Guam Students Visit Karuizawa 2000

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2000-01 (Leilani Kirkes, President) - 2000

Rotarians Attend GHRA GALA As far as my recollection during my term in office, what stands out for me was the honor of being the first female president to be …

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Elvin PP photo

2001-02 (Elvin Chiang, President) - 2001

Christmas Dinner Chuuk Charter Night Dictionary Donation Elvin Chiang comments on his term as President Induction Turkey Dinner Karuizawa Students Visit Guam Rotarians BBQ in Merizo Rotarians Visit Manamko

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2002-03 (David John, President) - 2002

Alee Shelter Halloween Party Izumo Chuo Rotarians Visiting Guam Guam Students Visit Karuizawa Official Opening of the First Rotary Club in Shanghai

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2003-04 (Nike Inoue, President) - 2003

Induction Rotarians Visit Shanghai 64th Charter Night Celebration Rotarians Attend GHRA GALA Inauguration

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2004-2005 (Lee Yudin, President) - 2004

Lee Yudin Q&A 2004-2005 Calendar Board Meeting Minutes 6-3-05 Bush cutting at GAIN Miscellaneous Karuizawa Students Visit Guam News Article From Sister Club in Manila Rotarians Visit Shanghai Alee Shelter …

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frank guererro

2005-06 (Frank Guerrero, President) - 2005

Inauguration Christmas Drop Karuizawa Students Visit Guam Rotarians Visit Shanghai Christmas Drop II

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2006-07 (Diane Keller, President) - 2006

Rotarians Visit Shanghai Guam Students Visit Karuizawa Ken Lowe Dinner

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Van Shelly Cover 2

2007-08 (Van Shelly, President) - 2007

68th Charter Night Celebration Alee Shelter Halloween Party Chuuk Water Still Project Dictionary Donation Guam Students Visit Karuizawa Induction Rotarians Play Paintball Rotarians Play Softball Rotarians Visit Shanghai Spelling Bee …

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2008-2009 (Duncan McCully, President) - 2008

Alee Shelter Halloween Party Rotarians Visit Karuizawa Spelling Bee 2009 VIDEO: The Duncan McCully Phenomenon

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2009-10 (David Silva, President) - 2009

No data on record (as of yet) for this entry.

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vicki borja

2010-11 (Victoria G. Borja, President) - 2010

Guam Students Visit Karuizawa Karuizawa Students on Guam Karuizawa Members on Guam Christmas Drop Chuuk Dave Silva Installation Dinner District Governor Visit Donations First Aid Kit District Simplified Grant Korea …

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Diane Bachelder

2011-12 (Diana Bachelder, President) - 2011

No data on record (as of yet) for this entry.

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Mark Fish

2012-13 (Mark Fish, President) - 2012

Click here to see more about Mark’s term Mark’s Typhooners Karuizawa Students Visit Guam Photos of Mark Fish

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Brian Bliss

2013-14 (Brian Bliss, President) - 2013

No data on record (as of yet) for this entry.

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2014-15 (Gerald Woo, President) - 2014

2014-15 Softball Tournament 2015 Rotary Day Director Nagasaka from Tachikawa Kobushi Rotary Club on board 2014 Christmas Drop 2014 Oktoberfest 75th Anniversary

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2015-16 (Michelle Bordallo, President) - 2015

2015-16 (Michelle Bordallo, President)

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