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2000-01 (Leilani Kirkes, President)

As far as my recollection during my term in office, what stands out for me was the honor of being the first female president to be elected for the Rotary Club of Guam…the oldest of the Rotaries in Guam.

Naturally, I was honored that you, Phil Flores, Brad Klemm, Joe Stoll, to name only a few…endorsed me to be elected. And unless I am wrong I was especially appreciative that it was also endorsed by none other than the endearing PP Bill Gibson. I knew how old-fashioned he was.

The first Halloween party for the Alee Shelter kids was very special and the coordination was well worth it. I will always remember the smiles of the children.

Another highlight is my involvement with reinforcing the relationship between our club and our sister club in Karuizawa, Japan. The fellowship was wonderful and special all around. And although I was as nervous as “a long-tailed cat in a room full rocking chairs”, I was able to present my little speech to the club entirely in Japanese (which I practiced for weeks before the trip). I pulled it off and it was received well.

I can recall thinking back how I could have been a more effective president during my term and what I would’ve done differently in hindsight. But what I gained in knowledge and experience with the Board of Directors team was fabulous.

No doubt, without their warm support and mentorship, my term would have been a whole lot tougher and less organized.

I will always cherish my experience as a proud member of the Rotary Club of Guam. Special thanks to Phil Flores for adding me to the crazy bunch so many years ago.

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