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1986-87 (Bill Gibson, President)

One of the most memorable things about my term was our first board meeting when it was discovered that the club’s bank balance was under $100 — seems the previous treasurer (name withheld) had been less than diligent about sending monthly bills so no one had paid their Rotary bill in about a year. Roger, Edita Sardea and I sat down at their dining room table for several evenings and we created a year’s worth of individual bills. We distributed those created bills at the next Thursday lunch meeting and asked everyone to take their bill back to the office and put them at the top of their company’s payables. Members who paid their own bills (Larry Kasperbauer, for example) were given extra time. These were large bills — depending on the fines we assigned (PP Phil Flores, Chris Felix, Dennis Wible for example, were always good for $10 worth of fines at most meetings). In about 30 days, Rotary’s bank balance was about $18,000 — enough to pay for almost a year’s worth of lunches. We met at the Daiichi in those days and they had maintained a patient silence and overlooked the fact that we had not paid them for about a year.

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