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  • In this photo (Left to Right): PP Brad, PP Skippy, PP Larry, PP Allen, Lou Klitzkie

1976-77 (PHILIP FLORES, President)

Rotary Year 1976-77 was a breeze, or at least on the tail end of one as the Club’s officers and directors assumed their responsibilities(???) less than six weeks after our beloved Pamela had given us the answer to that age-old question “Why don’t we get the heck out of the Red Carpet” ’76-’77 marked our first full year at the Dai-Ichi which, under the proud leadership of then-Rotarian Admiral Ando-San, was the best thing for our meeting since Charlie Corn’s Galogo Kiev.
The Powers that be were an interesting mix. Then-Vice President McAlister bestowed pearls of endless, and I mean endless, wisdom on myself, Treasurer (now President) Harry Boertzel and then-Secretary Pickens, was still sane and playing softball instead of running from his Perezville athletic facilities to Talofofo and back as a substitute for his morning coffee. Rotarian Bill Segar took care of Vocational Services, and then moved on from SLC to Chick’s Chrysler, while sometimes-director Joe Stoll headed Community Services. Rotarian Roy Sullivan finally started buying tickets for the weekly Karuizawa raffle. He was head of International Services.

Navy Captain Ray Pierce served a short time on the Board also until his transfer. For those of you who don’t know, Captain Ray put more time in than almost any one else to save the Sip Repair Facility for Guam.

VP Mac completed his three thousandth consecutive meeting and with help of Rotary Anne Joanne Sullivan spearheaded a blood typing drive which continues to this day. (Have you been typed yet?) And perennial Karuizawa chairman Past President Uncle Bud, with the help of then pitching ace Bill Asper gave our students a touch of Winter (Actually the fall) by sending them to Karuizawa over Thanksgiving which proved to be for most of the students, their first encounter with snow.

The man who has retired from Rotary more times than Ali has from the ring, Rotarian Don Roberts, directed a Typhoon Relief Program funded by dollars, yen and other gifts from Rotary Clubs worldwide, a gesture of RI’s true spirit.

So many other outstanding services by Rotarians can be mentioned, such as Rotarians George Bourland’s endless drive to recruit new Rotarians and then-Rotarian Pete Goss’ spirited effort to change the induction ceremony, but space is limited. What should be remembered though are three ever important traditions either followed or initiated in our year. First, Rotarian Bob Smith was again refused the position of Sergeant-at-Arms until he could prove that he could spell it. This allowed the Big Guy, aka, Rotarian Brad, to assure dignity and decorum at our meeting.

The second tradition, which on its face might seems to be a bit self-serving, and wrongfully so I might add, was the establishment of the necessity on the part of all Presidents, not just me, to exempt their Grandfathers from Rotary fines. Enough said on that subject. The third tradition is of equal value of the Club and that is the duty of current Presidents to refuse, no matter how great the pressure, to fine the Club’s revered corp of Past Presidents. For it is in this elite group of humble Rotarians that rests the wisdom of Rotary to be shared with our future generation and furthermore, and perhaps more importantly to current President, the power to mount an impeachment drive. Get the message Harry?

In this photo (Left to Right): PP Brad, PP Skippy, PP Larry, PP Allen, Lou Klitzkie

In this photo: PP Brad, PP Skippy, PP Larry, PP Allen, Lou Klitzkie

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