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1965-1966 (JOE PEREZ, President)

Seated: Rtn. Judge Reyes, PP Herb Johnston, PP Jose Perez, Rtn. John Driver, Rtn. Jack Cole, unidentified, Standing: Rtn. Doc Crain, Dr Dargevics, Rtn. Vic Olsen, unidentified, Rtn. Joe Flores, Rtn. John Barton, with R. Klepper in the rear.

Rtn. George Albrecht was elected President for the Rotary year 1965-1966; however President-elect George left the island before the time of his presidency and the elected Vice-President, Joe Perez, stepped in and was President of the club for that year.
The meeting were held at the Panciteria Far East Restaurant, and the records show that the Interact Club at the John F. Kennedy High School was extremely active with Rtns. Warren Wolf and Carl Snodgrass advising and assisting the Club.

The second annual visitation of the SS Himalaya to Guam on March 31, was even more enjoyable and successful than the one on approximately the same date a year ago. For one thing, the community appeared to have been better organized to receive and entertain the visitors from Australia and New Zealand on this, their first stop of the tour. There was no shortage of transportation, and in addition to the organized tours of the island, the visitors were enabled to come and go when and where they wished. Several of the visiting Rotarians, however, suggested that information as to the time and place of our meeting would better have been included in the advance publicity furnished to the passengers at the beginning of the cruise, so that they could keep the date and time open to attend. It appears that word of our intention to welcome them to our meeting was not furnished them until the day prior to landing, with the result that some had become involved in other commitments for Thursday noon. The above suggestion might well be noted by Rotarians Dick Tracy, and perhaps also by Rotarians Ken Jones since it was recently announced publicly that the George Anson and Francis Drake will likewise be making frequent tourist cruise trips to Guam.

Without the necessity of having a formal program of entertainment at our meeting, our visiting Rotarians and their wives and guests entered into the spirit of the thing and joined in the good-natured spoofing. We have enjoyed having them with us and hope the channel for exchange visits will be kept open.

The visit of tourists ships to Guam was a big event at that time as will be seen from the Rotary Club bulletin date 7 April 1966 featuring the visit of the SS Himalaya on 31 March, 1966.

An extract from the Club guest list for that day, listed as follows, is indicative of the Club’s efforts towards good international fellowship:

“Mr. & Mrs. Frank McCormack,
Brisbane , Australia
Bill Neilsen
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Thwaite,
Sydney, Australia
Bill Neilsen
John & Rae Elliott,
New Zealand
Club Guests
Bett Hingley,
East Sydney, Australia
Club Guests
Jean Sparks,
East Sydney, Australia
Club Guests
Hon. Geo. Herron
Sydney, Australia
Ted Grace
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Potts,
Gosford, Australia
Club Guests”

PP Joe says that during his term of office he concentrated on programs relating to Community Service, including sponsorship of the Boy Scouts of America activities, the annual picnic at Jones’ Beach, and the awarding of two scholarships to local students to attend stateside universities.

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