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  • PP Ray conducting meeting.
  • Rtns. Doc Crain, George Selwyn, Secretary of the Interior Fred Seaton, PP Ray and Hal Odell at airport.
  • Sec. Charlie Christopher and PP Ray Underwood making Joseph Flores an honorary member on the occasion of his being appointed as Governor of Guam in 1960.
  • PP Ray with Governor Barrett Lowe and Rtn. Al Minot on 24 November 1957
  • Singer Ethel Liu fails to attract PP Ray's attention
  • Rotary club meeting at Surf Club in Asan honoring servicemen stationed on Guam in conjunction with the Guam USO council. PP Ray, Gov. Barrett Lowe, USO Director, Rear Adm. William Ammon, Cmdr. Jesse Cook.
  • VP Ray with Sec. Jack J.J. McCarthy and Rtn. Judge Reyes with 2 unidentified spectators talking with Rotary International Pres. Hodgeson.
  • Rtns. Ed Fritsche, Doc Crain, PP Ray, Governor Barrett Lowe and USO Director.
  • President Ray Underwood presiding over weekly meeting servicemen stationed on Guam. Surf Club in Asan
  • President Ray Underwood presiding over regular weekly meeting at the Bamboo Club in Agana. Some Rotarians in attendance are B.P. Carbullido Terrence Morgan, Al Minot, Ben Aflague, Paul Souder, and Moore Pilgrim.

1956-1957 (RAY UNDERWOOD, President)

In April 26, 1956, PP Ray was elected for his 3rd term as President to succeed George Selwyn, the Manager of Pan American Airways. Officer elected to serve with PP Ray during this administration were Felix Carbullido, Vice-President, Doc Crain, Secretary, Bob Conn, Treasurer; Al Minot and Jim Butler, Board Members.

One of the more important occurrences during this administration was the entering of the Rotary float in the Liberation Day parade. Those Rotarians participating in the construction of the float were Al Minot, Committee Chairman, and Rtns. Norm Flockman, Joe Magboo and Jim Steward, Committee members.

On numerous occasions PP Ray addressed the Club on Rotary matters and his knowledge of the subject coupled with his sense of humor made the meetings extremely interesting.

The history of PP Ray’s administration is portrayed by the photographs on the succeeding pages.

An extract from the October 1951, edition of the “Guam Examiner” reads as follows:

“$3400 Rotary Fellowship
“A $3400 Rotary Fellowship Award will be made available to local candidates, the Guam Rotary Club announced early this month. The Rotary Fellowship opened for advanced graduate studies in any country in the World will be used for the 1952-53 academic year. The members of the select committee are Baltazar P. Carbullido, Dr. Jose R. Palomo and Mrs. Agueda I. Johnston, members. Application must be in the Department of Education, Government of Guam by November 1″.

Typical of PP Ray is the Practical contained in the May 31, 1956 issue of “MI ROTARY”.
“To all officer – Past President, and Future, here’s a practical prayer:
Give me a good digestion, Lord, Also something to digest;
Give me a healthy body, Lord, With sense to keep it at its best;
Give me a healthy mind, Good Lord, To keep the good and pure in sight;
Which seeing sin, is not appalled, But finds a way to set it right;
Give me a mind that is not bored, That does not whimper, whine, or sigh;
Don’t let me whimper, overmuch about the fussy thing called “I”,
Give me a sense of humor, Lord, Give me the grace to see a joke,
To get some pleasure out of life, And pass it on the other folk.

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