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  • Adm. Christopher, Gov. Ford Eldridge, Rtns. Norm Flockman and B. Umayam at a cocktail party.

1954-55 (NORMAN D. FLOCKMAN, President)

From the following Christmas message extracted from the December 31, 1954 issue of MI ROTARY, we can gain some knowledge of the accomplishments during PP Norm’s administration. Editor Gene Krapf’s article ‘The Last and the First” reads:
“This is the last issue of Volume 6 of our MI ROTARY. Next week, Volume 7 will be born out of the not-too-frequently fertile brain of your editor. The last of anything is probably a sad thing for most of us. Tomorrow night a midnight 1954 will see its last moment pass into history, and with it the memory of the fine things we have done in the past year will be colored with the things we have planned but not completed.

“For our club, the accomplishments are many and proudful. We lifted the boy Scout Council our of debt by our efforts and friendship. We helped every cause that came to our attention. We have two students at stateside Universities. We have entered the spirit of the Golden Anniversary year and already have complied with one of the objectives of International President Herb Taylor. We have already passed the “ten percent increase in membership”. At the beginning of the Rotary year, we have 65 active members. We have lost 8, but have added twenty-one. We have sent our “representative” stone for the entrance walk to the new International Headquarters, and have already had one formal celebration of the 50th Year of Rotary’s history. And word arrived yesterday that the Rotary full-length feature movie has been shipped and will be ready for its premier showing in Guam on February 23.

“Those are perhaps the concrete, seeable, things. Oh yes, the Christmas party and those we helped that way is visible. But the most important things are not always those we can see and touch. The friendships formed, the quite clean decent things each of us does for our fellow man stemming from our Rotary membership and its conscious and unconscious companionship with men who work for their community as well as for themselves, are the deeply satisfying rewards that we gain, no matter that we did not seek them.

“The editor, speaking for the membership of the club, he hopes, wishes each and every Rotarian and his family the best and most prosperous New Year. May the Rotary Ideal of “Service Above Self” permeate your every act and thought. May the “Four-Way Test” be your guide in all your dealings, and may your example so help the community in which we serve to advance in every way in 1955.”

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