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  • Kenneth T. Jones, Jr
  • Tom Osgood and Doc Morgan's son
  • Tom Osgood, with usual drink in hand; Moor pilgrim with cap reversed.
  • Jack (ET) Calvo in white sport shirt in left background.
  • Russ Stephens wearing cap to protect an otherwise very unprotected pate. The Barry more profile not recognized.
  • Hal Odell and Rotary Ann Sophie
  • erv Fickas (RCA) facing camera. Profile and paunch not recognized.
  • Past Pres. Joe Perez, in his customary work pose.
  • Rotary anns, Helen Osgood and Ana Underwood.
  • Rtn. Joe Bourland's first Rotary meeting.
  • PP Norm Flockman at rest for change.
  • Ed Fritsche gets close to the action of this hula show while Joe Magboo (white shirt & shorts)stands aloof in the background.
  • Ed Fritsche and PP Herb Johnston are both amused, but apparently not at the same thing
  • PP Ray Underwood has back to camera as he gesticulates to PP Carlos Taitano.
  • PP Jim Butler is in background in white shirt, with one foot up on a chair.
  • Another shot of PP Jim Butler
  • Gov. Ford Elvidge, displaying his usual community participating role.
  • PP's Phil Lomax and Carlos Taitano are seated on the ground behind the children and Al Carbullido (wearing cap) and Joe Magboo (white shirt and shorts) are standing behind.
  • Members of Rotary Club of Guam in front of Surf Club in Asan. l to r: Joseph Flores, Cliff Marks, Ray Underwood, Gene Krapft, Jojo Salas, Gonzales Eclavea, Bartolome Umayam, B.P. Carbullido, Alex Andrews, Ken Jones, Terrence Morgan, Jesus Rivera, Doc Crain, Ross Fulford, Pedro Martinez, James Butler, James Steward, unidentified, Lyle Turner, Carl Lamont, Jack Cole, Guy Wharton, unidentified, Russell Stevens, Bill Sinclair, Hal Odell, John Haitma, unidentified, Joe Owens, Dick Suydam, Hank Meyer, George Bourland, Gerorge Selwyn, unidentified, Tomas Santos, Norm Flockman, A.T. Bordallo, Vicente Reyes, Jose Perez, Jessee Cook, Dick Klepper, Irby Barker, Hank Weinhold.

1953-54 (KENNETH T. JONES, JR., President)

A newspaper article notes that during PP Ken’s administration, 41, students from the public and parochial elementary and high schools were guests of honor at a Rotary Club luncheon held at the Talk of the Town Restaurant, Tamuning.
PP Ken, who is now one of Guam’s success stories in the business community has provided the Club with the following message:
Dear Fellow Rotarians:

It is indeed a pleasure to be asked to participate in the 40th Anniversary of Rotary Guam. Having served as president in the years 1953 and 1954, I can see where Rotary has come a long way in the interim years. However, much to my delight I can see the Rotary motto of “Service to Others” has not only prevailed but expanded considerably over the many years of its existence on the island. Old faces have gone and new face come, but rotary and its basic ideals have reminded stable. This stability alone is an unusual phenomenon on Guam.

Each man, of course, has to evaluate for himself what Rotary has meant to him as an individual. To me, it has meant that chance to help others as well as share companionship and general good will with others who have incentive, feelings and appeared as an oasis — a short period of time to relax with friends.

As a citizen, I have watched proudly as Rotary has carried more than their share on the island, lending help with youth programs and student exchange, assisting in blood donor programs, giving post typhoon help for the needy and providing scholarship for worthy youngsters. It makes me proud to say ” I am one of this hard working group”.

As most of you are aware, Jones and Guerrero Company, Inc. employs approximately 1,000 employees. Of this number, many of our people have become active and productive Rotarians over the years. Some of our people come to us from off-island and have found within weeks, immediate friendship, many new friends and quick adaptation to our way of living in the good will of Rotary. I, above all, can recognize the value in this, as a happy employee is a productive one.

My deepest congratulation to Rotary on their 40 Anniversary on the island and to those past and present who have served so well to make Rotary what it is today.
Kenneth T. Jones, Jr.
Past President

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